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Boil fresh water in a kettle; rinse whatever vessel, whether cup or teapot, with some of the boiling water, either put a tea bag or a teaspoon of black tea; half a teaspoon if the tea is green and pour the boiling water into the teapot or cup. Allow the tea to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bag or the tea leaves with a strainer.

For more authentic taste, prefer your tea plain. Honey, sugar, lemon or milk change the taste of tea, but they do not alter its properties.

When your time is limited, choose tea bags. Otherwise, it is worth using loose tea. If you give your time to the tea preparation, the results will be rewarding.

If you purchase tea packed in tins, packets, boxes or completely loose from a reputable shop.

Packages of loose tea must be airtight and protected from sunlight. The completely loose tea must be stored by the shop in containers of tin or wood that close firmly in order to protect it from humidity and odours of spices, coffee etc.

Not all the different types and qualities of tea require the same way of preparation nor the water temperatures. Therefore, it is best to carefully choose the tea supplier who can assist you in making your choice of tea and its preparation.

Not only flavours of the tea are preserved in its dried leaves. The colour of the infusion and the density, taste, aroma and properties are the essence extracted from the tea leaves when immersed in boiling water. Consequently, the monetary value should correspond with the quality of the tea you purchase.